Jun 30, 2009

Lea's dance preformance part 2

After the group danced the people that work for the WNBA asked for 12 girls that wanted an autograph from the players. Lea and her friends got to go down to the side of the court while the Mercury's were warming up. After the warm up the players gave each girl a warm up ball with their signature on it. That was so cool. Lea was freaking out and almost fainted. She was so excited to have an official WNBA warm up ball. And of coarse I had to have a picture with Elijah. He was a great kid during the game. When anyone clapped, he clapped. It was a fun night. Our friend's the Bigelow's were watching Nathaniel and Ella for us while we wen to this game. Thank You Julie.

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julie_77 said...

I'm glad she had fun! What a cool experience!