Jun 13, 2009

What a week

I am updating this blog as I am relaxing at the dinner table with my laptop in front of me. We had Ella's b-day party tonight and now all the guess are gone. I will post pic about her party tomorrow. The older girls are at their cousin's house. The b-day girl Ella is at my mom's house. Dan took Nathaniel to a movie and Elijah is asleep for the night. Ahhhhh!!!! I really need this break. Tomorrow we will only have 2 of our 5 kids with us at church. Say ahhhh again. Don't get me wrong, I love having my kids with me at church. We have all the whisper fighting (older girls) we have 2 kids with ants in their pants (2 younger) and we have one who likes to pester all the rest of the kids(oldest son). Ahhh none of that tomorrow.
Back to my original post. I had to make wooden plaques for homemaking. Lets just say I learned to cut vinyl with my Cricut in one day. Than had to show other ladies in my ward how to make this wall hanging. That was nerve wrecking. My hubby cut, routed, and painted in two days 11 plaques.Thank You Honey Bunny.I cut 10 feet of vinyl in one day.So when Thursday Enrichment came and gone I was some what relaxed.Friday I relaxed as much as one can with 5 kids. Than today, I made and decorated a butterfly cake and had the hole house clean by 4pm. Dan and Ella, and Chayanne went grocery shopping for me,Thank You guys. Nathaniel and Lea helped me clean the house and take care of Elijah. Thank You guys too.
Did I forget to mention I also signed up to feed the missionaries. Oops that is because I forgot until they call me at 9pm Friday night.So they came to eat at 5pm and they were on their way by 6pm when the party started.
Yes I also planned a birthday party for Ella who waited all week.It went well.Now that the party is done and all the kids are gone or asleep, I can put up my feet and say "What a week". The only sound in this apartment is a toy dump truck that sounds like a carosine (can't spell) lamp. Ahhhh

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