Feb 18, 2009

2 Things..

1: I am grateful for Mrs. Billings. She is Nathaniel's preschool teacher. She has been doing this for over 20 years. She taught Lea when Lea was little. Than we moved and Chayanne wasn't able to attend her class. She has been so patience with me with my health and transportation problems that kept me from taking Nathaniel to preschool. She never forgot Nathaniel and when we made it to preschool, she gave Nathaniel the biggest hug every. He was so excited and when we got to school he told her that Mommy has the van now and he will be coming to school all the time.
2: I am grateful for DVD players. Isabella took a nap today which is sort of bad and sort of good. When she takes a nap, no matter how early or how late, she is UP all night. If I only let her sleep for an hour, she is still up. So when this happens ( about once or twice a week) we put on a movie and she will watch it without getting into things. I can just sleep on the couch and when the movie is over I put on another or push repeat depending on the movie. She loves the movies from The Living Scriptures. She gets a little church lesson while me or Dan sleep on the couch.


Susannah said...

Hooray for teachers!

julie_77 said...

I'm glad he was able to go back to preschool and hurray for having your van back!