Feb 4, 2009


When the TiVo first came out Dan was saying that was a good idea someone had though of. He has been wanting one so bad but BOY they were expensive back than. Well now you can get a similar one through a cable company like COX (they are one of the providers here in Mesa). I would say that TiVos are for lazy people who HAVE to watch a billion shows that happen to be on at the same time.They were also a bad bad addiction.So you as where I am going with this story. Well I caved in and we purchased a DVR (same as TiVo) a while back ago. I admit I was so addicted. I would record all my shows that I wanted to watch and let my kids rule to TV with their shows. I also used it for conference so I could go back and listen to certain talks.I really enjoyed our DVR because when I was up late or awake before anyone else I could watch my shows. Last night we as a family started watching American Idol.Than when the commericals were on we would than turn it to Biggest Loser. When the commericals were on than changed it back to American Idol.This can be very annoying I KNOW. And than a new series aired last night called Fringe. Oh my gosh. I think its going to be a good one too. Anyways back to my story.As we than tried to watch 3 shows at the same time, I realized that I MISS MY DVR!!!!!!!So I think I am going to have to break down and purchase basic cable with a DVR.


Tink said...

I'm Tivo challenged. I don't own one or a DVR. I guess I spend too much time blogging and not enough time watching TV. Ha.

Momza said...

Is your surgery still scheduled for the 9th? Does your RS Pres know so that meals and such can be brought in to help out?!

I will hold a good thought for you!