Feb 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my family and friends in the blogging world. I know I am a day late. Yesterday was a very nice day. Because I had surgery Monday I am still taking it very easy. My husband took Lea, Nathaniel, and Isabella to our good friends Julie and Calvin house for a project that Dan was helping Calvin with. Chayanne stayed home with me and Elijah. She was a great help. I got to take several cat naps and enjoy watching movies with her. When Dan and the kids got home we went back to out friends house and had dinner. Yes I left my house. I needed to. I was getting a little cabin fever for being in my house ALL WEEK. Than we came home. Since Lea is tall enough to ride the go carts at Golfland, Dan took the older girls there to race and play a few video games. I had a quite evening watching The Incredible on the couch bundled up with the 3 little kids all around me. It was great. Than around 9:30 Dan and I went for a little drive and came home. I sure love my husband. Just the little things he does for me makes me so grateful to have him in my life for eternity.

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julie_77 said...

Tyler and I watched The Incredilbles, too, that night. I am glad you and dan got to go on a drive, I was asleep when Calvin and my girls got home. It was still a good day, though.