Feb 3, 2009


Sorry its taken me awhile to update. I have had my good days and my bad days. well a lot of bad days. Those consist of just feeling crumby and not having any energy. I think a lot of this has to do with my medication that I am on. Anyways, we actually moved the weekend of the 24Th. So we had our one week anny. for moving into the apartment this past weekend. It is nice to have our own space. We do miss grandma and grandpa but we also are very happy. The older girls got to stay in the same school. They just get a ride to school with Dan and right now they ride to bus to their grandparents house and they get a ride home from there. Nathaniel,and Ella are making friends. We live right around the corner of a park and that is fun. We actually only walked over there once. We filed our taxes already and with the amount we are getting back will all towards another vehicle for Dan so I can have my van back.

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Slice of life said...

great to hear from you. Hope you are feeling better and it is so much nicer to have a place of your own isnt it!